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Of Mice & Men issue statement about Austin Carlile’s departure

Following the departure of lead singer Austin Carlile, Of Mice & Men's official website has posted a statement from the remaining four members, which you can read below:

Our staff share their favorite tours of 2016

THE AMERICAN LINES TOUR—The Maine, Mayday Parade

This tour took me back to 2012 when the Maine and Mayday Parade toured together, but this time the venue was bigger—as was the crowd. I’ve seen both bands live dozens of times and was still blown away by their stage performances. The Maine have really loosened up on stage and their interaction with the crowd was, yes, a crowd pleaser. Mayday were absolutely phenomenal on this tour and the set list was perfection. Hearing them play “One Of Us” live was a tearjerker for me, and I’m not ashamed to say it! —Lindy Smith, news writer

China to ban ivory trade by end of 2017

China will ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017, state media reported Friday, a move hailed by activists as a "game changer" for African elephants.

Using 'fire to fight fire' to combat disease could make it worse, tests show

A treatment billed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against disease, including cancer, could back-fire and make the disease fitter and more damaging, new research has found.

QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to “Feeling This”?

You think you know the lyrics to Blink-182's "Feeling This"? Well, we'll just have to put you to the test! Take the quiz to see how many lines you can correctly finish.

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Sweden allows wolf hunt despite outcry

A top Swedish court on Friday allowed the hunting of 24 wolves early next year in a decision slammed by environmental campaigners who fear a shooting spree could put the species at risk.

Leap second 2016: Why this New Year's Eve will have an extra second

The year 2017 isn't coming as soon as you think. In fact, it will be exactly one second late.

Pulsations detected in a hot, helium-atmosphere white dwarf

(Phys.org)—Astronomers have recently discovered non-radial oscillations in a hot, helium-atmosphere white dwarf designated PG 0112+104. The newly detected 11 independent pulsation modes in this white dwarf could be essential for researchers testing the radial differential rotation and internal compositional stratification of highly evolved stellar remnants. The findings were presented in a paper published Dec. 22 on the arXiv pre-print server.

Lab creates new class of hydrogen sulfide donor molecules

Molecules with the potential to deliver healing power to stressed cells - such as those involved in heart attacks - have been created by University of Oregon researchers.

New study shows cognitive decline may be influenced by interaction of genetics and... worms

You've likely heard about being in the right place at the wrong time, but what about having the right genes in the wrong environment? In other words, could a genetic mutation (or allele) that puts populations at risk for illnesses in one environmental setting manifest itself in positive ways in a different setting?

NASA might build an ice house on Mars

At first glance, a new concept for a NASA habitat on Mars looks like a cross between Mark Watney's inflatable potato farm from "The Martian" and the home of Luke's Uncle Owen on Tatooine from "Star Wars."

Study could pave way for greater understanding of how plants and animals grow and develop

Dr. Zhi-Liang Zheng, a biology professor and plant scientist in the Department of Biological Science, published a paper last month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) that demonstrates a connection between Rho GTPase and RNA polymerase II (Pol II), two key molecules involved in cellular signaling and transcription in eukaryotes. Eukaryotes are organisms whose cell contains a nucleus and other organelles and animals and plants are both eukaryotic organisms. Zheng and his colleagues have provided genetic and biochemical evidence that links these two molecules in an intracellular signaling pathway.

Avril Lavigne announces she will release a new album in 2017

Remember your high school Battle Of The Bands competition? For music lovers everywhere, this annual event was a pivotal part of adolescence, but for many of these aspiring acts, the dream ended once college began. Very seldom does a band break out before graduation, but a handful of groups have managed to march on, proving that age really is just a number.


If this is your first time hearing this name, then you haven’t been paying much attention. Baltimore-based Bad Seed Rising are on the rise to superstardom after playing this year’s Vans Warped Tour and releasing their debut album Awake In Color in September on Roadrunner Records.

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Check out: “Fighting Gravity”

One thing The Jetsons got wrong about the future is how much time we spend untangling cables and...

One thing The Jetsons got wrong about the future is how much time we spend untangling cables and cords.

NEOWISE mission spies one comet, maybe two

NASA's NEOWISE mission has recently discovered some celestial objects traveling through our neighborhood, including one on the blurry line between asteroid and comet. Another—definitely a comet—might be seen with binoculars through next week.

How Amazon Echo listens and what it stores

Can Amazon's Echo speaker really be a witness to a murder?

Humanoid robot Pepper is amusing, but is it practical?

While merrily chirping, dancing and posing for selfies, a robot named Pepper looks like another expensive toy at a San Francisco mall. But don't dismiss it as mere child's play.

Ancient Chaco Canyon population likely relied on imported food

The ancient inhabitants of New Mexico's Chaco Canyon, the zenith of Pueblo culture in the Southwest a thousand years ago, likely had to import corn to feed the multitudes residing there, says a new University of Colorado Boulder study.

Varmint hunters' ammo selection influences lead exposure in avian scavengers

Varmint hunters' choice of ammunition plays a role in the amount of lead that scavengers such as golden eagles could ingest, a new study shows, and offers a way to minimize the lead exposure to wildlife.

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