US warns Syria over 'potential' plan for chemical attack

Syria is planning another chemical attack, the US says, warning it would pay a "heavy price".

$75K-a-Year Russian Official Paid $5.4M for Trump Condos

Miami Herald: [T]he tale of Igor Zorin offers a 21st-century twist with all the weirdness modern Miami has to offer: Russian cash, a motorcycle club named after Russia's powerful special forces and a condo tower branded by Donald Trump. Zorin is a Russian government official who has spent nearly $8 million on waterfront South Florida homes, hardly financially prudent given his bureaucrat's salary of $75,000 per year. He runs a state-owned broadcasting company that, among other duties, operates sound systems for the annual military parade that sends columns of soldiers and tanks rumbling through Moscow's Red Square.

Skyscrapers and diamonds: Looking back at the Jazz Age

The 1920s in America are remembered for hot jazz, flapper girls and speakeasies. A new exhibit in New York is bringing that era to life.

India and America: A love affair

Indians share their fondness for US music, culture, fast food - and President Donald Trump.

Martin Shkreli fraud trial opens in New York

The former pharmaceutical chief denies operating a Ponzi-like scheme that cheated investors.

In pictures: The empty railways of America

Photographer John Sanderson captures the quiet moments between passing trains.

How I slept next to a lion

Amy Dickman has had some close shaves with big cats and humans while working with cheetahs and lions in Africa.

Trump Team Bullies Disney's Hall of Presidents

Vice: Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents -- closed for renovations since January 2017 in order to add a new Donald Trump robot -- was originally scheduled to reopen with its new president in time for summer. ... Disney assumed that the transition from Obamabot to Trumpbot would be smooth and seamless. "We've already prepared a bust of President-elect Trump to go into our Hall of the Presidents at Disney World," said Disney CEO Bob Iger in a call with Wall Street analysts last November. But instead, according to a source close to Magic Kingdom management, the Trump communications team has been combative and obstinate, upsetting an established process that three prior presidential administrations found amenable.

Colombia's Farc has completed disarmament, UN says

The transfer of the rebels' personal weapons was a key condition in last year's peace agreement.

Brazil's Michel Temer charged with corruption

The charges follow a recording in which Mr Temer appears to encourage the payment of hush money.

Bank Loaned Kushner $275M Month Before Election

One month before Election Day, Jared Kushner's real estate company finalized a $285 million loan as part of a refinancing package for its property near Times Square in Manhattan. The loan came at a critical moment. Kushner was playing a key role in the presidential campaign of his father-in-law, Donald Trump. The lender, Deutsche Bank, was negotiating to settle a federal mortgage fraud case and charges from New York state regulators that it aided a possible Russian money-laundering scheme. The cases were settled in December and January. The October deal illustrates the extent to which Kushner was balancing roles as a top adviser to Trump and a real estate company executive. After the election, Kushner juggled duties for the Trump transition team and his corporation as he prepared to move to the White House.

Crowd catches girl after ride fall

A father describes the moment it happened at a Six Flags theme park in New York.

Ant power: Take a ride on a bus that runs on formic acid

The drive to find more sustainable transport fuels has been given a boost by some Dutch students.

£100m from West to clean up Russian nuclear base

Western nations are giving Russia nearly £100m to clear up nuclear waste at Andreyeva Bay, a contaminated Cold War submarine base.

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