Concussion: How the NFL came to shape the issue that plagued it

Players kneeling during the national anthem is the most recent NFL controversy, but certainly not the first nor the biggest.

Hawaii Five-0 boss teases season 8 reset

Following the highly publicized exits of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, Hawaii Five-0 is going through a bit of a reset.
With Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua gone, the team has enlisted new members in police academy flunky Tani (Meaghan Rath), former Navy SEAL Junior (Beulah Koale), and Kono’s hubby, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale). However, Five-0 will still feel the void left by Chin and Kono. “There is a feeling of a loss, but I don’t think it’s that profound because there’s always opportunity for those characters to either return or at least return in their mind, in the stories that we tell,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says.
Meanwhile, Five-o task-force leader McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) will reassess his future after suffering radiation poisoning last season. “Clearly it shows that he’s mortal, and it’s going to affect his legacy of what he wants to do post-being a cop,” Lenkov says, teasing that McGarrett may open a restaurant with Danny (Scott Caan). He’ll also get a new partner: a police dog. Who needs girlfriends when you can have man’s best friend? Check out our full interview with Lenkov below:

TV Review: ‘Ghosted,’ Starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson and Adam Scott star in this paranormal buddy-cop comedy about a mall security guard and a disgraced professor who are recruited by a shadowy government agency to investigate a mysterious disappearance. If that already sounds ridiculous, that’s the point; the sitcom is a lightweight spoof of science-fiction infosec thrillers that speeds through plot […]

Amazon Studios Waves Flag Over Prime New York Film Festival Slots

As an indie film veteran, Bob Berney has seen the value of a high-profile slot at the New York Film Festival, whose fall dates have long corresponded with the ramp-up of awards season. “Pan’s Labyrinth,” a film he championed while running Time Warner’s former Picturehouse division, closed the 2006 festival en route to three Oscar […]

New York Film Festival’s 55th Edition Hopes to Make a Strong Case for Cinema

For an event that doesn’t hand out prizes, host swag suites or foster an acquisitions market, the New York Film Festival remains a remarkably essential event on the movie calendar. More than half a century after its debut, it serves as a cinephile’s caldron of competing ideologies, storytelling traditions and global perspectives, unspooling against the […]

Judd Apatow Ushers Grandfather Bob Shad’s Jazz Label Into the Streaming Age

Producer, director and writer Judd Apatow is best known for making people laugh, but he and his sister, Mia, have been working on something more tuneful over the past couple years: the rerelease of jazz and blues recordings from a label that featured the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry and Sarah Vaughan, and was […]

How Brain Develops Before Birth is Tightly Controlled by RNA Modification

Newswise imageA chemical tag added to RNA during embryonic development regulates how the early brain grows. When this development goes awry, problems happen and may cause psychiatric disorders in people.

Marion Cotillard to Star in French Feature Debut ‘Gueule d’Ange’

Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard is set to star in “Gueule d’ange,” a French drama which will mark the feature debut of Vanessa Filho. “Gueule d’ange” was written by Filho, in collaboration with Alain Dias aka Diasteme, a writer/director whose 2015 thriller “French Blood” played at Toronto, and François Pirot (“Mobile Home”). The drama follows a […]

Cult Creator Swery's New Game Will Let You Choose Between Playing a Cat or Dog

The Good Life will allow its players to play either a cat or a dog, developer White Owls Inc. recently announced. The Good Life is the next game from cult-creator Swery, known for his Twin Peaks-esque game Deadly Premonition. In The Good Life, players assume the role of a young photographer named Naomi, who's come to the town of Rainy FallsThis article originally appeared on Cult Creator Swery's New Game Will Let You Choose Between Playing a Cat or Dog

GoPro says the Fusion 360, which shoots 360-degree 5.2K video at 30fps, will be available for $699 in November (Sean O'Kane/The Verge)

Sean O'Kane / The Verge:

GoPro says the Fusion 360, which shoots 360-degree 5.2K video at 30fps, will be available for $699 in November  —  The beginning of ‘a new creative area,’ according to the company  —  The consumer 360-degree camera that GoPro's been talking about since CES 2016 is finally coming to market.

Toni Duggan: Barcelona teammates don't understand me!

Barcelona striker Toni Duggan jokes with Football Focus' Alex Scott about the language difficulties she faces on the pitch at her new club.

Behati Prinsloo sexy and lingeries posing scans
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Brewery Founder Tom Schaeffer: ‘I Started a Brewery to Facilitate Ministry’

Tom Schaeffer is a Lutheran pastor as well as the founder of Black Cloister Brewing in Toledo, Ohio.
“I didn’t start a brewery to get out of the ministry,” he says. “I started a brewery to facilitate ministry.”
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Schaeffer is a strong believer that churches can learn a lot about hospitality and community from visiting a brewpub. Hear more about the story behind Black Cloister in our new video.
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New Session EZ IPA Is Everything You Always Wanted in an IPA

Life’s hard enough. Your beer should be EZ.
Full Sail Brewing Co. today announced the release of Session EZ IPA, the newest member of the Session family of beers. It’s everything you always wanted in an IPA, only less. Wait. Less? You got that right. It’s an unfiltered IPA with all the aromatic hops, fruit notes and citrus vibe that you and your taste buds desire – minus the mouth-puckering bitterness or the high-octane ABV. After all, it’s not called EZ for nothing.
“Our IPAs are always well received, but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels, or on our hops for that matter,” says Full Sail Brewmaster Jim Kelter. “New Session EZ IPA is a well-balanced, easy-drinking beer that’s not bitter, while fully packed with tropical and citrus aromas.”
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BeerFeast 2017 – VIP Only at Fort Worth Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium will host its 12th annual BeerFeast in Fort Worth on Oct. 14. Following a new tradition first begun last year, BeerFeast will once again be a VIP-only event.
BeerFeast has been a loved event in DFW for more than 10 years. Many people look forward to it every year, and the feedback on the VIP-only format in 2016 was spectacular.
Tickets Include

  • Admission to the festival
  • 2017 BeerFeast t-shirt
  • BeerFeast tasting glass
  • tasting card good for 12 samples of any of the more than 120 festival beers

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Karl Strauss Throws an Indie Beer Celebration During San Diego Beer Week!

The spirit of collaboration is alive and well in San Diego’s vibrant brewing community. To celebrate this camaraderie, Karl Strauss Brewing Company rallied together 30+ independent San Diego breweries to throw an epic party during San Diego Beer Week! Introducing Collabapalooza, a beer festival featuring one-off collaboration beers and rare releases from participating breweries.
Since helping start the city’s craft beer scene in 1989, Karl Strauss Brewing Company has been committed to supporting the San Diego community. One way they demonstrate this support is by partnering with other local, independent breweries to brew & release collaboration beers that often raise awareness for local causes.
 “Collab brews give us a chance to work with our talented friends in the industry who we’ve known and admired for years, and make something special together. At the heart of it, we’re beer fans, and not only do we want to make good beer, but we want to drink good beer made by others too. It’s been awesome to watch this event come together and see so many independent brewers within our community jump on board and collaborate with one another. I’m stoked to try all the unique brews we co-create!” –Paul Segura, Brewmaster, Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Meet Taylor Corona, Oconee Brewing’s Renaissance Woman

Walk into Oconee Brewing’s tap room in Greensboro, Georgia, and you’ll find a former Air Force mechanic, yoga instructor, roller derby player, mom, and a graduate in anthropology — and that’s all in one person: Taylor Corona. Corona, an assistant brewer for this upstart independent brewery near Georgia’s beautiful Lake Oconee, is a bit of a Renaissance woman.
“I got interested in brewing after a conversation with my anthropology professor when I was a student at Clemson,” says Corona.
To understand Corona’s long and varied path to brewing, we need to back up and start with her stint in the U.S. Air Force. She joined right after high school.
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2nd Local Craft Spirits Festival

Join us for Sustainable Business Network’s  2nd Local Craft Spirits Festival on Friday, October 13th, 2017, 6:30 (6:00pm VIP) – 9:30 PM in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. Back by popular demand, Local Craft Spirits Festival will gather hundreds of local spirits fans to celebrate together with dozens of local vendors and hundreds of products! Participate in cocktail demos, enjoy local food, and help choose Boston’s best local craft Mixologist at our Local Craft Cocktail Throwdown.  Participants will receive 13-15 tasting tickets to try cocktails and products.
Hosted by SBN and the Boston Local Food Committee, Local Craft Spirits Festival premiered as New England’s first ever spirits festival of exclusively local spirits and artisan brews.  Get ready to indulge in more than 100 unique samples of local food and beverage, so come taste, discover, socialize, and network with dozens of local distilleries, cideries, meaderies, breweries, artisan beverage brewers, and local food producers, all while savoring local music and celebrating local spirits!
(VISIT: Find a U.S. Craft Brewery)

Comrade Brewing Releases Junkie Cosmonaut DIPA

Double IPA with Galaxy, Mosaic, Denali, and Citra.
A touch of CO wildflower honey lightens the beer and let the hops shine. 8.7% ABV.
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Pelican Brewing Company Releases Bronze God Märzen-style Lager

‘Roll out the barrel—we’ll have a barrel of fun!’ Pelican Brewing Company rolls out the latest in its Lone Pelican Series: Bronze God, Märzen-style Lager or German-style Oktoberfest beer. The deliciously malty lager is available this week in 22 oz. bottles in addition to kegs, 1/6 barrels and on tap at Pelican brewpubs.
Bronze God features an abundance of rich, toasty, rounded malt flavors. A vibrant copper-bronze color attracts the eye, while the floral aroma, deep smooth character and moderate strength keeps you coming back for another taste.  A combination of Munich malt, GoldenPils malt, Mt. Hood hops, pure local water and pure lager yeast combine to showcase a classic Pelican beer with a clean, snappy finish. Bronze God is affectionally named in honor of Pelican’s head brewer, Jason Schlebach, who created the autumn treat.
ABV: 5.7%  |  IBU: 25   |  PLATO: 13º

Think Consolidation Can’t Hurt Beer? Watch John Oliver’s Take

“Corporate Consolidation” can be a snooze-worthy term. But if you caught Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” Sunday, Sept. 24, you may have walked away with a headache when you realized how mergers and acquisitions have real-world impacts on things you care about, like beer.
The airline industry takes a beating during Oliver’s segment. He cites a CNN report that shows in 2000, the U.S. had 10 “large airlines” (American, TWA, America West, US Airways, Delta, NWA, United, Continental, AirTran, Southwest) — but today, there are four “mega airlines” who control more than 80 percent of the U.S. market (American, Delta, United, Southwest). Oliver’s point is that a dramatic decline of competition is hurting the customer — like baggage fees, which netted airlines about $540 million a decade ago to $4.2 billion in 2016 (according to the Bureau of Transportation Services).
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“You may be angry with the service you get from airlines, but thanks to consolidation, they don’t really need to give a sh*t what you think,” he quips.

Winning a Medal at the Great American Beer Festival is All About Style

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and more importantly, that means I get to wear puffy vests again. Like, with every outfit. It’s sort of my thing.
But I’m not here, sadly, to chat about puffy vests. I’m actually here to discuss one of my absolute favorite cities in the world, Denver, and the upcoming inundation of seemingly unquenchable beer fanatics who will be descending, once again, on the Mile-High City, as it does every year in early October.
It’s time for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the largest beer competition and festival in the United States. Hundreds of breweries. Thousands of beers. Pretzel necklaces, tap takeovers, and the delightful madness that comes with putting this many beer fans in the same geographic area. Let the wild rumpus begin, Denver-style.
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