Hot bikini stunner - Would You Bang Her?
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Your Hot Bikini Model Photos: scalloped skirt + brown top=style?
21/08/2017 1:01:11 PM GMT

Growing more plants and trees can cut down the heat in Nigerian cities

Nigeria is regarded as a hot country. Average maximum temperature can reach 38℃ - one of the hottest in sub Saharan Africa. In the last few years extreme heat and intense heatwaves have become a common experience in both rural and urban areas, showing that the country is getting hotter. This year, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency has warned of an "above danger heat stress".

X-ray observations reveal new details about the solar-type star HD 209458

(—By analyzing sets of data obtained by two X-ray space observatories, a team of German researchers has learned new insights into the nature of a solar-type star known as HD 209458. The new study, published Aug. 15 in a paper on, uncovers X-ray properties of the star.

Jerry Lewis: Will his infamous 'lost' film ever be seen?

Twitter users hope The Day the Clown Cried may be released in the wake of the comic's death.

Source: Goodell close to extension through '24

Source: Goodell close to extension through '24

Metals shine as stocks struggle near 5-1/2-week low

Metals shine as stocks struggle near 5-1/2-week lowTraders were digesting the latest departure from Donald Trump's White House team, watching tensions around North Korea and waiting to see what the world's top central bankers would signal at the annual Jackson Hole gathering later this week.

People who 'hear voices' can detect hidden speech in unusual sounds

People who hear voices that other people can't hear may use unusual skills when their brains process new sounds, according to new research.

Licorice is a hot trend in hot flashes, but could interact with medications

Licorice roots have a flavorful history, having been used in ancient Egyptian teas and in traditional Chinese medicines, all the way to today as a flavoring agent and candy. And some women now take licorice extracts as supplements to treat menopausal symptoms. But scientists caution that licorice could pose a health risk by interacting with medications.

Remarkable artistry hidden in ancient Roman painting revealed

Molten lava, volcanic ash, modern grime, salt, humidity. The ancient painting of a Roman woman has been through it all, and it looks like it. Scientists now report that a new type of high-resolution X-ray technology is helping them discover just how stunning the original portrait once was, element-by-element, which could help them restore the painting.

Avocado seed husks could be a gold mine of medicinal and industrial compounds

In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists report that avocado seed husks, which are usually discarded along with the seed, contain a plethora of useful chemical compounds. They say these compounds could eventually be used to treat a host of debilitating diseases, as well as to enhance the allure of cosmetics, perfumes and other consumer goods.

Sopping up sunblock from oceans to save coral reefs

Coral reefs can't seem to catch a break. Not only are rising temperatures wreaking havoc with their environment, but emerging evidence suggests that a certain sunblock component is a coral killer. Now, researchers have developed a biodegradable bead that can soak up the sunblock ingredient, oxybenzone, like a thirsty sea sponge.

New vaccine could someday fight the effects of opioid combinations

Substance abuse is a continuing problem in the US, to the point of being an 'epidemic.' Treatments exist, but far too often patients relapse with devastating impacts on themselves and those around them. Now, scientists report that they have made progress toward a vaccine against the effects of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, in combination with heroin.

Clay-based antimicrobial packaging keeps food fresh

Sometimes it seems as if fresh food goes bad in the blink of an eye. Consumers are left feeling frustrated, turning to cheaper, processed foods. Now scientists report that they developed a packaging film coated with clay nanotubes containing an antibacterial essential oil. The film prevents over ripening and microbial growth, improving the shelf life of perishables.

Into the wild for plant genetics

A new article reveals the opportunities for portable, real-time DNA sequencing in plant identification and naming. Using a handheld DNA sequencing device they conducted the first genomic plant sequencing in the field at a fraction of the speed of traditional methods, offering exciting possibilities to conservationists and scientists the world over.

Sedentary behavior increases risk of death for frail, inactive adults

Sedentary time, for example, time spent sitting, increases the risk of death for middle-aged and older people who are frail and inactive, but does not appear to increase the risk for non-frail people who are inactive, according to a new study.

Comparison of screening recommendations indicates annual mammography

When to initiate screening for breast cancer, how often to screen, and how long to screen are questions that continue to spark emotional debates.

Behavior theory may offer key to ensuring infants are put to sleep safely

It is still common for infants to be placed in unsafe sleeping positions by their caregivers, report researchers. Fewer than half of infants are always placed on their backs for sleep, the recommended safe sleep position.

Have flowers devised the ultimate weapon of distraction?

Nectar, the high-energy 'honey' produced by flowers, might be a brilliant distraction technique to help protect a flower's reproductive parts, according to new research. Rather than merely providing a 'come-on' to bees and other insects to attract them to pollinate the flower, nectar could be playing a much more subtle and entrancing role.

Brexit: UK publishes more EU negotiation plans

The UK sets out plans for goods and services after Brexit as it seeks to push EU into trade talks.

Carl Frampton confirms split from manager Barry McGuigan

Carl Frampton confirms his partnership with manager Barry McGuigan and Cyclone Promotions has come to an end.

Carl Frampton confirms split from manager Barry McGuigan

Carl Frampton confirms his partnership with manager Barry McGuigan and Cyclone Promotions has come to an end.

UT-Austin Removes Four Confederate Statues

The University of Texas hastily removed four Confederate monuments from its campus after its president said the statues represented "modern white supremacy" and "neo-Nazism." University of Texas president Greg Fenves said in a release Sunday night that statues of Robert E. Lee, Albert Sidney Johnston, John Reagan and James Stephen Hogg would be removed from the school's Main Mall before its students return to campus Wednesday. Fenves made the announcement as crews were in place to begin removing the statues, according to a university spokesperson. The decision to take down the statues came after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned deadly.

Revolutionary electric delivery vehicle tech prototyped

A technology demonstrator for a new type of electric delivery vehicle that could make the courier industry greener and more efficient has been developed by WMG at the University of Warwick and Warwickshire-based design company Astheimer Ltd.

Urban butterflies under threat of extinction

According to an EPFL study, butterflies living in urban areas face the threat of consanguinity and potential extinction. The research drew on the fields of genetics and urban development to quantify the trend across an entire city.

On the Charts: Kesha Returns to Number One With 'Rainbow'

Kesha returned to Number One on the Billboard 200 for the first time in over seven years as the singer's comeback LP Rainbow topped the charts in its debut week.OfThis article originally appeared on On the Charts: Kesha Returns to Number One With 'Rainbow'

The week in Dodgers dominance: Are they not quite perfect enough to win 116?

The week in Dodgers dominance: Are they not quite perfect enough to win 116?

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