Women with suspected HPV adverse effects more often suffered from psychiatric disorders

New research shows that women who are referred to an HPV center more often have had psychiatric medicine prescribed or been hospitalized for psychiatric conditions up to five years before they received the vaccine.

Biodegradable microsensors for food monitoring

A new generation of microsensors could provide the vital link between food products and the Internet of Things. Researchers have developed an ultra-thin temperature sensor that is both biocompatible and biodegradable.

Chimpanzees can learn how to use tools without observing others

New observations have led researchers to believe that chimpanzees can use tools spontaneously to solve a task, without needing to watch others first.

Large earthquakes along Olympic Mountain faults, Washington State, USA

A comprehensive study of faults along the north side of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State emphasizes the substantial seismic hazard to the northern Puget Lowland region. The study examined the Lake Creek-Boundary Creek and Sadie Creek faults along the north flank the Olympic Mountains, and concludes that there were three to five large, surface-rupturing earthquakes along the faults within the last 13,000 years.

Answer to young people's persistent sleep problems

A collaborative research project indicates high rates of sleep problems continuing through teenage years and into early adulthood -- but also suggests a natural remedy.

Baby boomer women make up for lost study time and head back to university

Statistics from the Department of Education and Training show a steady cohort of baby boomer postgraduates, mostly women, enrolling at university at the age of 60 or over.

Exploring an ancient event in pumpkin, gourd and melon evolution

The next time you bite into that perfect, sweet and succulent watermelon, you may want to appreciate that it's a product of millions of years of evolution in the making.

Should we worry that half of Americans trust their gut to tell them what's true?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'll bet that's true," before you had all the facts? Most people probably have at some point.

Principles for computational design of binding antibodies

The idea of proteins that can be designed on computers for specific functions has been a cutting-edge concept that has stubbornly remained "in the future." New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science may bring that future a bit closer. By going back to nature's drawing board – evolution – the scientists have created new proteins, based on "existing natural parts," that carry out their intended function with flying colors. These findings were reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Tracking the body's mini-shuttles

The development of a new technique for labelling the body's own transporters—exosomes—could have long term benefits in the treatment of life-threatening medical conditions, including cancer.

Gloria Steinem to be honored by sex assault defense group

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Reddit Campaign Against Hate Speech Worked

Freedom of speech has traditionally been an issue of government and human rights. But more and more companies are providing platforms where anyone can potentially contribute some sort of speech, typically text. And those companies are finding that they face many of the same issues governments have: how to balance giving users the ability to express themselves freely against the possibility that they'll post problematic content. "Problematic" has various definitions. In some cases, it's truly dangerous, like incitements to violence or false medical advice. And companies may find that they don't want to be associated with expressions of racism, sexism, or other forms of prejudice. But can companies do anything if people use their service for broadcasting content that the companies don't approve of?

27 things that didn’t make sense about baseball this season

27 things that didn’t make sense about baseball this season

Hackers are going after credit lines: Jim Cramer

 Jim CramerCNBC's Jim Cramer weighs in on what people can do to protect their checking or savings account from cyber attacks after Equifax's massive data breach.

Law: Kluber or Sale? Altuve or Judge? Making tough awards picks

Law: Kluber or Sale? Altuve or Judge? Making tough awards picks

Supreme Court case threatens to set back workers’ rights by 80 years

Supreme Court case threatens to set back workers’ rights by 80 yearsKicking off its new term with a splash, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a trio of cases Monday that threaten to set back workers’ rights by more than 80 years, labor-side employment lawyers claim.

Abusive Bosses Experience Short-Lived Benefits

Being a jerk to your employees may actually improve your well-being, but only for a short while, suggests new research on abusive bosses co-authored by a Michigan State University business scholar.

Workers Fare Worse When Popular Medications Leave the Market

Newswise imageWhen a popular pain reliever was taken off the market, the consequences for absenteeism were greater than if it had never been available at all.

Love/Hate for Week 4

Love/Hate for Week 4

Indiana University, Kelley School and Whirlpool Partnering on 2017 Habitat for Humanity Campus Build in Bloomington

Newswise imageMore than 400 students, faculty and staff at Indiana University and its Kelley School of Business will volunteer to build a home with Habitat for Humanity on the IU Bloomington campus Oct. 3-14. The build is sponsored by Whirlpool Corp., which also will be providing all of the house's appliances. The homeowner will accept his house keys on the field of Memorial Stadium, before IU's football game against the University of Michigan.

Ford goes super luxe with F-Series Super Duty Limited

Ford goes super luxe with F-Series Super Duty LimitedFor customers who "need Super Duty-level capability and want true luxury."

Trump says his tax plan is 'not good for me' — here are the 3 ways it could benefit him

Trump says his tax plan is 'not good for me' — here are the 3 ways it could benefit himPresident Donald Trump stands to be a big beneficiary of his new tax plan, should it enter into...

Making surgical screws from bones

Biomechanics are developing surgical screws from donated human bone material for foot and jaw surgery together with an Austrian start-up.

Non-toxic flame retardant enters market, study suggests

Chemists have developed and patented an environmentally friendly way to produce flame retardants for foams that can be used in mattresses and upholstery. Unlike previous flame retardants made of chemicals containing chlorine, the new material is non-toxic and effective, researchers say.

Delayed diagnosis, not gender, affects women’s treatment for heart disease

Women with heart disease typically receive less complete surgical revascularization with arterial grafts than men do, but not because of gender bias. Instead, factors such as delayed diagnosis of coronary artery disease (CAD) in women may contribute to the differences in treatment, according to a new study.

Self-esteem in kids: Lavish praise is not the answer, warmth is

How do children construct views of themselves and their place in the world? Children's social relationships turn out to be critical. For example, children develop higher self-esteem when their parents treat them warmly. But they develop lower self-esteem when their parents lavish them with inflated praise.

Breakthrough in rapid, mass screening for the Ebola virus

A new, faster and safer way of diagnosing the Ebola virus has been developed.

Facebook (FB): Inevitable Tumble Will Lead to Inevitable Rebound

 Inevitable Tumble Will Lead to Inevitable ReboundOn Monday of this week, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares suffered their worst single-day loss since November of last year. All told, FB stock lost 4.5% of its value after investors learned the company may have known about U.S. political advertisements being sponsored by Russia long before the company actually acknowledged it. On the other hand, with the prospect of more oversight still looming, Facebook shares are still being viewed like a liability as much as they are an opportunity.

Exploring an ancient event in pumpkin, gourd and melon evolution

Recently, scientists have making great strides in better understanding with the genomes sequenced of cucumber, watermelon, and melons. With these projects completed, a research team has performed the first large comparative genomics exploration of their genome structures and evolution. After reconstructing evolutionary trees and extensive comparisons of common genes between Cucurbitaceae plants, unexpectedly, the research team has found the first evidence of an ancient whole genome duplication event.

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